A project by Bego M Santiago

Programation: Pavel Karafiát , Andrej Boleslavsky
Cooperate: CIANT (International Centre for Art and New Technologies)
Camera man: Valquire Veljkovic
Actors: Esther Gibanel //Javier Yunta // Diego Piñeiro // Berta Sola Sánchez // Rubén López // Miguel Angel Alvarez // Guille Chipironet // Mathieu Fumey // Mireia Sovi // Miguel // Valquire Veljkovic // Lilith Sanfrancisco // Lola Sanfrancisco // Alexander Weber

Exhibition: Elas Fan Tech at Normal, A Coruña
Curator: Anxela Caramés
Curator Assistant: Francesca Mereu (M-Artech Platform)
Producer: NORMAL , Universidade da Coruña (UDC) Residence of artist in NORMAL (UDC) // Residencia artística NORMAL (UDC)

Music- "Little Boxes" written by Malvina Reynolds in 1962

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