Julian is a very unique talent, able to make creative work more powerful by plugging greater digital discipline into its development across all channels. His role is to make sense of all the backend stuff, with a deep focus on frameworks and metrics, in order to make sure the agency meets its clients' goals. He does that so insanely well that BBH NY just recently created a new leading position for him : Head of Communications Planning.

He works accross number of the agency's brands (Axe, Johnnie Walker, Sprite, Chrome, Baileys...) and at the moment on the launch of Playstation 4! Before coming to the Jets' city, he was in Australia as a Social and Digital Strategist by day (The Conscience Organization, The Population, Naked...) and probably surfing with Hipster Kangaroos who play boomerang by night.

Julian learns by making things. Because "you're just as good as your knowledge of the process", he taught himself how to code, design and launched many cool side projects which mesh digital and street art.

Julian learns by giving back. He teaches digital and social strategy on skillshare. You should definitely enroll in his new crash course on Communication Planning ! He also shares his thoughts on twitter, his blog andslideshare, where his presentations are a mind-blowing success.

And, of course, Julian learns by wearing cool tee shirts.

Rendez-vous with... is our a new format consisting in « webcam interviews » with people abroad leading the way in their field.

Catch Julian if you can :



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