Video Art & Activism Project 1 -- marks my first video ever ever made.

Experimental short film about human D I S C O N N E C T E D N E S S

This is not a short film to bring about awareness of something.
This is neither a short film that is to make a change to what is happening.
The disconnectedness within our daily life is not something that I wish to bring up, or calling the viewers to become aware of. In fact, we all knew it’s there, because we can feel it. So, taken from my own experiencing of it; this is a short film to depict someone who is feeling tired of it, tired of this lack of unity and use her own way to express such. It is not just commenting on the technological advances and to blame it bringing us distant of each other, it’s about anything that kept us blocking from our surroundings, even ourselves.

A bit of poem + bit of ukulele + footage that I shot.
Special thanks to Andrew Ramurcia.

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