This is an animation of my "How Things Work" mural painted in 2010, that was at Iridescent's LA Science and Engineering Studio. (

17' tall x 20' wide, the mural was a collage of elements from the courses on science and engineering taught by the educational non-profit.

The lower area depicts rotation about an axis - an arm, legs, a wind turbine blade, a large turbine, an airplane propeller, a bicycle chain, a truss, a gear, a saw blade, with an unusual motor in the center. The balloon, waves, eye, acrobat, ear, bird, airplane, and fish pulling out from it discuss other topics.

The big idea is to suggest mechanical or formal relationships between things which might otherwise seem unrelated, such as an arm and a turbine, or a bird and a stingray, to inspire curiosity and a desire to learn more.

The mural was designed for this particular space and the client's desire to maintain a neutral and calm interior, opening up and becoming more colorful as it moved toward the outside wall, keeping many elements thin - just as lines - rather than shapes of color.


When the mural was demolished, I made a digital drawing of it so it could be reprinted, which was used as the book cover for Iridescent's Making Machines book (

Later, Cristiano Meira added motion to my illustration, highlighting the big ideas of the design: the rotation about an axis of the center piece, the flight relationship, the wave, roller coaster and motion, and so on, for Iridescent to use as the entry to their educational videos.

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