To all UAV or Multirotors users of Graupner Multi Transmittors MX-16 / MC-16 / MX20 – MC-20 / MX32 HoTT Systems

Affected : ALL Graupner users who use 2 x Graupner TX and RX units at the same time , if you use different brand mixed there is NO problem.

1. Failure
In some occasions it can happen that you suffer from Radio interference (loss of signal OR low signal warning, flying short distance or heights more or even less then 65 meters !)

ONLY when flying with 2 Graupner transmitters at the same time (camera/Pilot).

BOTH transmitters will make audible “Beep”sounds and signalling will be low!

Aircraft can go into Fail Save or when not set correctly Fail save Crash or even fly away

2 . Cause

Due to the fact that both RX units on the Aircraft have Telemetric enabled (standard) , it sends a 25 Mw signal downlink simultaneous and can CORRUPT upstream/downstream Signalling reaching RX on board.
Mostly this will be flying around heavy wifi signalling , buildings , electronic devices , or standing to close together.

3 . Action DO NOT Fly until issue is resolved , this can cause unwanted Fail safe situations .
Report to your Reseller or Builder of aircraft , that uses GRAUPNER HOTT systems for both camera and Aircraft.
RX and TX unit for camera MUST be reprogrammed by Manufacturer of your aircraft.
Your Reseller of your RTF aircraft CAN do this for you

4 . Self help

see this tutorial

amendum :
Can you do this if you have one MX-16 which doesn't support 2 receivers?

I see that radio which can have two receivers will loose telemetry signal.

yes you can

go to MX -16 menu

example your zenmuse is on MX-16 modelnumber 1 ZENMUSE

go in menu Basic settings:

1 . unbind the receiver
2. go to new model number bind receiver there
3 . go back to your camera model
4. turn HF on
5 . now all is working without Telemetric

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