Filming dolphins in the Red Sea, Egypt. I forgot about this and found it in my files. Hope it UPlifts others in some way today.

This was created as a healing task for my brain in recovery from a near death experience involving a TBI. (traumatic brain injury). Left hemi-sphere received the whack and a hematoma began to grow squashing the brain inward. Thank goodness for it was a quick way to remove the trash :)

It was in one of the most dangerous places it could have been in the brain, my neurosurgeon said, because it was centimeters from hitting the brain stem. And if it did? Lights out for pammy.

I say darn! I was soooo close!

It is not a laughing matter really, for there are many who don't come out the other side of such an experience with this kind of outlook. It was tough, hard, painful, and different to the life I had once known. Being an extreme optimist, my perspective was seeing the beauty in it all, no matter what. I am forever grateful to still be here to share.

"Our journey's are unique ~ treasure them for they are gifts unfolding."

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