Character Design: Modeling, Texturing and Lighting

Earth Goddess, where the living and non-living components of Earth function as a single system. Robotic Plant being the Goddess of Planet Earth!

Establishing a link of feeling with more than just the environment. Where pedestrians and vehicles will encounter a connection of feeling while being illuminated by the blue light that the cables release.

Butterfly Vision. Modeled in Maya. Textures done in Photoshop. Edited and Composited in NUKE.

"TERRASAI" (Thesis Film Section....Full Version COMING SOON!!!)
TerraSai, is conceived as a short animation using recreations of previous acrylic and oil paintings synthesizing 3D modeling and 2D visual effects. The titled was created as a hybrid combining the Latin words “terra” and “sai” which mean “earth” and “seed” respectively in the Latin language. This animation will tell the story of the reincarnation of humankind, nature, and architecture within an abstract narrative. It is based on the concept of reincarnation, which is a belief that the soul and spirit, after biological death, begin a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual. Stylistically this animation will reflect the way I work on a painting canvas because it will be radical in layers, textures and dark and light monochromatic shades.
-Character Rigger: Wendi Wu
-Character Animators: Nancy Chung & Octavio L. Miranda

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