I'm Euan, I'm 18 and I ride bikes and do some tricks on them for fun.
This is my next installment of Street Trials riding in and around Portmsouth (UK). The video took around 2 - 3 weeks to film and has my best riding yet!

Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it!

Want to watch more of my Street Trials videos?

My videos can be found here:

Gold On The Ceiling - The Black Keys

Filmed by:

Max Wilman at Shredit Productions: facebook.com/pages/Shredit-Productions
James Woodbridge at Motion Kapture Productions: vimeo.com/motionkapture
Matt Spencer at Matt Spencer Ladography: facebook.com/Ladography

Edited by:

Euan Beaden

As always this wouldn't have been possible without the support from all my sponsors. Thanks guys!

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Inspired Bicycles - inspiredbicycles.com
Heatsink Bikes - heatsinkbikes.com
Radical Bikes - facebook.com/radicalbikescentre
UBER Sticky - facebook.com/UBERSticky

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