This is a tricopter I built inspired by the aircraft shown in the movie Oblivion. The front two motors are mounted on servos which makes it overactuated. This means I can tilt both motors forward and it will fly forward and level. I hope to put FPV gear on there (once I repair the servo gears) so during forward flight you won't be seeing the ground.

The motor angle is set by an accessory channel at two angles. This would be better with a potentiometer or slider. I'd also like to replace the rear motor with a variable pitch one so it can do things like headstands. It will also be quite fun to use this forward driving mode combined with Altitude Hold and basically just drive it like a car.

The flight controller is a custom board I built which I call Sparky:!searchin/phoenixpilot/Sparky/phoenixpilot/Yw-1yUFcoiE/O80P1omQKNMJ

See full writeup here

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