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Hi. If you've looking for a freestanding clothesline, certainly, the products available through Lifestyle Clotheslines in Australia are some of the best you can probably find when it comes to those. The freestanding model is an option that are available for drying your washing and laundry.

To get to the section where we have our freestanding clotheslines, simply click under this Portable section here in navigation on our website. That will get you through to that freestanding section.

Once you're there, we've tried to organize these for you in some of our most popular products. Certainly when it comes to freestanding clotheslines, the biggest seller by far would be something like the Hills Portable 170.

That's a really popular product and one that ticks all the boxes for a lot of people. It folds up flat when you don't need it, you can move it around the house simply, it's big; it takes sheets, towels, big shirts, really takes probably around 2 to 3 loads of washing, depending on how big your washing machine is. It's a really popular product.

Further down, we've got some of the Hills mobiles airers, or the Simplicity Airers made by Hills. They're relatively new products and a great alternative as well, if you're looking for some of the smaller lines. We've got freestanding options from Stendi and City Living. Stendi is an Italian- made brand, and they do make a couple of freestanding clotheslines or clothes airer options; the 60 is the biggest one of those models.

It is different style of clotheslines, where it has different rods running across it and it does have wheels as well, so you can have that . . . the portability of it is great because you can move it all around your house. Two, people do find that one a popular product.

Where it comes to the other freestanding options, we've got quite a few lines or products coming in from Stewi, which is a Swiss-made brand. They've been making clotheslines and washing line products for a long time.

When it comes to the freestanding clothesline options, certainly, something like the Libelle XL Airer is really good. You've got lots of different height options, length adjustment options, tilt options for that one. Or the Combi Maxi is another good one, where you can move it around, folds flat, easily stored away; freestanding, easy clothes airer to use and store, and get up and running really quickly.

Those are probably the main freestanding clothes airer options, or freestanding clothesline options. We do have lots of other products. It really just depends; if you wanted something in the fold-down range, you can get many of the fold-down products with what's called a ground-mount kit, which makes those freestanding.

Depending on what sort of option you're after, it really just depends. Something like, for example here, the Austral Addaline 35, you can get what's called the ground-mount kit here, it's these posts, and it's a back bar that comes in the kit. What that does is it allows you to just install most of the wall-mounted or fold-down clotheslines anywhere you want around your garden, as it becomes the structure you bolt your clothesline to.

If you do want something other than a rotary, that's your freestanding clothesline option. Clothesline ground-mount kits are what is required, if you want to get those. As you click through some of these images, it tells you a bit about these, as well.

Depending on what you've got at home, or what situation you got, if you have a concrete slab and you wanted a freestanding wall-mount one, you can actually get what's called this plated ground-mount kit, which allows you to bolt directly down to the slab without having to cut core holes or anything like that.

It makes it very quickly to install, and you're up and running really fast. If you do need help at any time with any of these clothesline products or washing line products, we're here to help. It's all about getting the right product and the right clothesline for you.

You can give us a call at anytime, on 1300 798 779. We have 24-hour online ordering there, and we have the online chat which goes most of the time. We're here to help, really.

We want to make sure that you get the right product and you're not having to come back and buy another clothesline because your first one was not right for your solution. If you are looking for those freestanding clothesline options, or help with freestanding products, feel free to give us a call, or visit online.

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