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Hi. In this video, we're going to look at small retractable clothesline options, and show you some of the different models that we've currently got available at Lifestyle Clotheslines.

The first one I'm going to look at is the Hills Extenda 4, a retractable clothesline. This is the smallest unit from Hills in the 4-line models. It about 800 wide, and has 4 lines. They're the smallest of the bigger end of the retractable ones.

You need at least 4 meters for this unit, and it can't extend any further than about 6½ meters. It comes in a granite pearl color, and you can get a number of different options to install that one as well, depending on what your solutions are.

If we actually get a quick look at this image here, with this type of unit, you can actually install it wall-to-wall, wall-to-post, post-to-wall, which is where you have the cabinet attached to a post using a mount bar. You can also go wall-to-post, so the actual unit goes out to the post, which is probably one of the most common type of ones that we see today.

Going down a bit in size is the Stewiemat 5 Retractable. This unit is from Stewi, which is a Swiss company that makes clothesline products. It's really for your smaller end of town; has 5 lines, doesn't go out too far, so it's more like an indoor product, really. That's another one of the smaller retractable clothesline options that we have.

Teleskop Prestige is another unique product that is not quite retractable, it does extend, so you can push the thing back into its unit and everything folds away, a bit like a retractable unit does. If you're looking at a small option, that's a pretty handy, small retractable clothesline. The last one we'll look at today is the Hills Cordomatic.

That unit is one that just has a single line, but can actually go out to about 15 meters or any distance in between that 15 meters. If you just want a single-line solution, you basically can just pull the line out, lock it off to the distance you got, and you got a great single-line clothesline.

That's pretty much all of the smaller-end of the small retractable clotheslines that we sell at Lifestyle Clotheslines. If you need further assistance when you're looking at retractable clotheslines, feel free to give us a call on 1300 798 779. Or you can visit us online.

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