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Lecture by Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari

Disclaimer: I, Abu Mussab, advised Muslims to listen to brother Nou'man prior to listening to other lectures and talks he gave due to which I found myself disagreeing with him on many issues. I simply recommended the Tafseer of Juz Amma and did not and do not endorse any other material by our brother. I have already made that clear in my lecture "Allaah Calls on Jibreel". This is not a form of warning against him either. It is a mere declaration that I do not endorse everything he says.

Abu Mussab's stance re: Nouman Khan - it was asked in the lecture "Allaah Calls on Jibreel" please go to 1:37:31 (very end of the lecture/Q&A)
A Message to Sami Yusuf, Yusuf Islam, Native Deen, Ahmed Bukhatir, Zain Bhikha, Dawud Wharnsby, Ali Hamza Robertson, Junaid Jamshed, Maher Irfan Mekki, Mesut Kurtis, Kamal Uddin, Labayk Group, No Beats Necessary, and all other present-day "Nasheed Singers")

Only those believe in Our verses who, when they are reminded by them, fall down in prostration and exalt [Allaah] with praise of their Lord, and they are not arrogant. [Surah As-Sajdah 32:15]

And when they hear what has been revealed to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they have recognized of the truth. They say, "Our Lord, we have believed, so register us among the witnesses. [Surah Al-Maaidah 5:83]

And the Messenger (sallaAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) has said, "O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Quraan as [a thing] abandoned. [Surah Al-Furqaan 25:30] (Tafsir Ibn Kathir: When he would recite Qur'aan to them, they would talk nonsense or speak about something else, so that they would not hear it. This is a form of forsaking it and rejecting it, and not believing in it is the same as forsaking it, and not pondering its meanings and trying to understand it is the same as forsaking it, and not acting upon it and following its commandments and heeding its prohibitions is the same as forsaking it, and turning away from it in favor of poetry or other words or songs or idle talk or some other way is the same as forsaking it.)

We ask Allaah, the Most Generous, the Bestower of bounty, the One Who is able to do what He wills, to keep us safe from doing that which earns His wrath and to use us to do that which will earn His pleasure of preserving and understanding His Book, following its commandments night and day in the manner which He loves and which pleases Him, for He is Generous and Kind.

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