I've had quite a few ups and downs.
I tried looking into replacing calculating the fBm in real time with a texture to read from. However, I couldn't create a high resolution texture and I also couldn't read correctly from it. I eventually decided to drop the pursuit because even if I managed to get the texture to work correctly, I would still be limited in how much detail I could show.
Instead I'll be focusing my efforts on clipping techniques and lowering detail where possible.
As shown in another video, I initially attempted to have the amount of detail based on distance be changed through the amount of detail for the patch, with horrible consequence. I'm not instead additionally rendering the fBm in the pixel shader so that I can render the land mass more smoothly, and additionally the fBm octaves are based off the patch distance. It's so because I couldn't get the distance to the specific vertex to work, fortunately basing it off the patch seems to work well enough.
Also shown in this video is the lighting I've added. It's hardcoded so the planet can't rotate or move without breaking the lighting, but it will suffice as a placeholder for now.
It's also possible to see that cracks are still prevalent but I'm in the process of alleviating them.

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