Apprentice S15e/15e For Beginners
1) If you are new to remote control model flying, 2) you are considering purchasing the Apprentice S15e or15e as your first model, or 3) you already own the plane then this video will introduce you to unique information that will help you get off the ground. Although the Apprentice is an electric trainer and is sold as a RTF (ready-to-fly), don't be fooled. There is much more needed to getting this plane airworthy than mentioned in the instruction manual or shown on the manufacturer's video.

This video will take you step-by-step through some of the basics I've had to learn, modifications that were necessary to prepare the plane for flight, & I'll show you two extra items that I've design and constructed to make flying enjoyable. I promise that if you embrace the details in this video you will successfully get off the ground on your maiden flight and keep flying for months to come. Also listed below are pertinent websites and an email address so that you will know where I purchased certain items or so that you can request free documents. The Apprentice S15/15e is the "perfect" trainer...enjoy!

Understanding LiPo batteries: or Email: for a free Word document file
Buy Batteries:,
LCD Multifunction Stopwatch Model: 63-249:
Windsock rod: Lowe's (1/8"x4')
Carrying cradle:
Free Excel Flight Log & Battery Usage files: Email -

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