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Our mission at Squirrel is to push wingsuit technology to the next level in order to improve the sport of wingsuit BASE jumping.

Our focus is on blending aerodynamics and engineering with big mountain BASE experience to produce a safer and higher performance suit.

So we started with this idea of a balanced, all-around design, and that’s what we think we have accomplished with the Colugo.

The Colugo has what we believe is the best of both worlds – it has the fast speed and high agility plus the float and power of a “big” suit, and of course the fast starts that we all need in the BASE environment.

When it comes to skydiving, the Colugo’s got you covered. The innie-outie system makes skydiving safe and simple, with full access to your handles. Skydiving is a very important part of wingsuit BASE jumping, and we designed the suit with safe and easy skydive training at the forefront of our minds.

Although the Colugo will flock and dock, that’s not what it was designed for and the suit’s real strength is definitely its ability to dive and carve at high speeds. Stability in a steep carving flight, weaving down mountainous terrain… that’s what the Colugo loves the most, that’s what it was built for, and that’s where you will truly fall in love with this suit.

When it comes to performance, the Colugo is more than capable. High Nose to Air Glaciers, no problem. Vuardes to Magland, ok. What drove us to begin this project in the first place was our desire to push the idea of a safer, or should we say, less dangerous, wingsuit.

Because of this, our main concern was a clean pull. If you can’t get to your pilot chute easily at the end of your jump, nothing else matters. There are a few design aspects that set the Colugo apart when it comes to minimizing risk, and the arced cut at the wrist is the simplest and most important ingredient. It’s the cleanest pull that we have ever experienced.

After you reach back and get that ultra-clean pull, push your arms forward to encourage your sleeves to ride up, and then reach up for your brakes.

The Colugo a high performance wingsuit with easy BOC access, and we’ve done everything we can think of to make every aspect of the deployment sequence… just better.

What sets squirrel apart is the fact that our priority is on innovation in the BASE environment, with a focus on safety features and the flying characteristics that are most important when terrain flying in big mountains… a fast start, a highly agile and precise feel when carving turns, and plenty of power to climb out of your terrain-flying dive… all followed by a super-clean pull and quick brake toggle access.

We hope you enjoy flying your Colugo as much as we enjoyed developing it, we’ll see you up there ;-)

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