We are 2 Egyptian girls, studying Media Design in Egypt. This blog "expressmailegypt.wordpress.com/"; is dedicated to our project which deals mainly with snail mail. We love regular mail and letters; Why? Simply because we believe its more personal and expressive than the new means of communication as well as each letter is in itself unique. It’s obvious that with the evolution of technology, traditional means of communication are diminishing and communication has become more digital than individual. This is why we created this video in 2011 inviting people to take part in our small social/artistic experiments to revive snail mail. We want to use letters to discuss interesting topics, express different opinions, share personal experiences, and simply to make time for things that matters and forgotten.

Basically we wanted people to take part in a social experiment to share their experiences, express themselves, and by that impact other people’s lives. Our first topic was about "change", we sent out letters randomly and asked people around to send us a post mail; expressing their opinion, thoughts, memories, anything related to the topic. We then collected up to 30 inspiring and touching letters and still hoping to exhibit them to reach more people and impact their lives too. We hope one day to continue this project and sustain it so that it would be a platform for people to express themselves and let out all some of their daily energy in a more concrete analogue form. Be part of this experience, and wait for our next topic, it is all about sharing. The small things are what matters most!

Here is a small description of our first topic in 2011

"At the current time, many changes are taking place around us, not just in the country but within ourselves. Everyone has been influenced by some recent event and has been altered by it. What we need of you is to reveal a certain change that took place in you life. It could be personal or is related to a certain incident. Express this change though any means you find suitable, the only condition is to send it in an envelope by mail. You are free to write, draw, take a picture, stick something or find any other creative way, what is important is that you are innovative and get your voice through."

Project and research by: Heba ElKest and Mona Diab

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