The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,
they're in each other all along.
I: And now we approach once more the revelation, the recollection, of how and why we first divided.
O: Yes, yes ~ something disrupted the sync. I, or you, or both, suddenly went askew. I moved one way and you
another, and the harmony was rent asunder. And. . . and then we weren't one any more! I couldn't read your
thoughts nor feel your feelings ~ or rather, the thoughts and feelings were no longer those of the single radiant
being who encompassed us both ~ I had mine, and therefore you must've had yours, though I could no longer
perceive them.
I: What did you feel when this happened?
O: Fear! I was terrified. But then in the next heartbeat we flowed together once more. It was so glorious to be
one again, or two in one ~ I/we felt saved, redeemed, restored! In fact it felt so good that. . . that. . . .
I: We decided to do it again.
O: Yes! We decided to split apart for the sheer joy of coming back together.
I: And is this still a tautology, a circular reasoning?
O: No, for it was actually better after the split and reconjunction than it was before. Our love got deeper, our heart beat stronger, our mind became more lucid.
I: Do you remember what happened the second time?
O: We stayed apart longer. At first it took a rigorous effort, because the tendency was for us to merge back on
every heartbeat. Then we got the knack of it, and were able to settle into our separateness without automatically rejoining.
I: And how did that feel?
O: Scary, but it made a miracle: our love blossomed in a blaze of glory.
I: It was the birth of love. It could not have existed when there was only One, or None.
O: Love was the power that came into being when we drew apart, like the field of force between a pair of
magnets, trying to pull us back together.
I: And the more we resisted the pull, the stronger our love became.
O: Yes, yes, yes! But at last it overwhelmed us, and we consummated back into the Godself.
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