Various footage shot during the 1st three weeks I owned the GH3.

I've decided to keep this cam and lens, even though there are many things about it that annoy the heck out of me.The bottom line: the image is so fabulously sharp I'm willing to overlook the many flaws.

This is saying a lot; many of you know of my 18 month long search for a second video camera, and my rejection of the Sony NX70, Sony NX5, Sony VG20, and Panasonic AG-AC160a.

The good:
Sharp images, crisp all the way to the corners
Low chromatic aberration - I've yet to encounter ANY fringing
Some coma, but it is generally pleasing and well-controlled
Minimal flare
Bokeh not excessive (I'm not a fan of bokeh, I'll never own a full-frame video cam)
OK color for a 4:2:0 camera
50 Mbps H.264, AVCHD 2.0
Expanded focus
Electronic Tele Conversion is sharp, actually works!
Slow shutter down to 1/2 sec
Nice capacitive touch screen

The Bad:
HORRIBLE rolling shutter - total jello in many situations, even on tripod
No WiFi stream while recording
"zebras" on stills only
No peaking - must setup focus in advance for critical shots
No expanded focus while recording!
Continuous AF hunts, gets confused, mostly unusable
AFF/AFS hold only for stills
ETC restricted to 30p modes only
Anything over ISO 800 too noisy
Vignetting, hotspot in low light
It is not a video cam, I don't like the DSLR form factor
Everything is "ISO", I prefer "gain"
No gain limiter
Can't run it "auto except" mode - for example, can't set manual aperture and shutter but have ISO auto

The GH3 is NOT a run-n-gun ENG cam! One has to plan each shot carefully. Be prepared to get back from the shoot and be disappointed. There is a long, long learning curve. Don't even think about using it hand-held at anything over 35mm; the rolling shutter will render the view a mess of jiggling jello.

Note: Despite rumors rampant on the 'net, the GH3 does NOT have a problem with jerky motion! Any jitter, tearing or other artifacts are the fault of the computer, YT, Vimeo or something else. This is easy to prove - use the HDMI cable to watch the raw GH3 footage directly on a TV - everything will be silky-smooth.

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