I know this patch has been done a lot of times, but I like it and was glad I figured out to do it – so here is my version. This was inspired by reading the Serge Creature manual. The patch uses a CV keyboard (or midi interface) + the Make Noise Maths:
1) Keyboard gate > Channel 2 of Maths
2) Keyboard CV > Channel 3 of Maths
3) Sum of Maths > “Both” CV input of Channel 1
4) Take audio from main output of Channel 1
Control is:
- Scaling of Channel 2 controls pitch offset.
- Scaling of Channel 3 controls tracking (at max. my maths tracks a little under 1 oct/V).
- Shape and frequency of the waveform controlled by rise, fall and waveform of channel 1.
As the pitch drops to subaudio levels when the gate is down, the sound is shaped by the gate of the keyboard.

The oscilloscope shows the different shapes you get for the waveform.

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