This is the complimentary video to lesson 11 of my series of tutorials on the BASIC computer programming language, you can find the text version on our site, which includes a step-by-step explanation of how the program works.

These lessons are designed for beginners who have no previous experience of computer programming, and are designed to be started at lesson 1 and working through them.

These programs are to teach the 'concept' of programming, and not to give you the impression that this is the only, or the best way to solve a particular programming problem.

You can find the full text version of this tutorial, including a link to the online editor, so you can run either your own programs, or copy/paste this one and modify it, on our site here:

Please visit our site for more tutorials and how-to's, we have a large range covering lots of topics. Also we have fun and games sections to keep you occupied.

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