"Labayen’s latest major opus Tears is expressivist, instrumentalist, or even better, intuitionist." - Dancing Times/Examiner

The theory of art for art’s sake postulates the reduction of art to “purely” formal relations. In the hands of a sensitive artist such as Enrico Labayen, however, art does not actually degenerate into this condition. Labayen’s latest opus “Tears” is a true work of art, it is always a delight to behold. “Tears”has a vital charm that cannot be explained as a matter of pure form. It has life-enhancing qualities whose source lies deep in the mysteries of creative intuition and the human spirit. Form by itself cannot generate aesthetic pleasure.
In practical, everyday life form is utilitarian in inception and purpose. But paintings, dances or sonatas are not utilitarian, unless we use them for commerce and profit. Neither do we eat works of art unless they are of the culinary variety. So what makes “Tears” interesting or delightful? Certainly the answer is not formalist. It is expressivist, instrumentalist, or better, intuitionist. Experiencing a work of art such as Labayen’s Tears” with a decidedly aesthetic character gives us pleasure, makes us feel more alive because it holds together separate parts into a seamless, integrated whole. This gestalt is satisfying to behold because it is an image, a reflection of the creative intuition within us, that which gives us the power of perception or awareness itself. Without this integrative faculty, there is no perception at all. All art, we may observe, are made highly perceptible by their inherently holistic character and Labayens’ “Tears” is such piece of art.
Enrico Labayen and his Company premiered “Tears” at Dance Mission Theater March 15-17, 2013 for Labayen Dance/SF’s 18th Anniversary Season. Tears will be repeated in the company’s Fall Season 2013 at ODC Theater in San Francisco on September 12-15, 2013. labayendancesf.org
Maryline Hunter, Ph.D in Humanities at Stanford University and is an independent dance and art critic/historian for various publications. She has been published in various weeklies and monthly arts magazines in the Eastcoast and the Westcoast.

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