The photo series Public Bedroom shows how, in spite of the functional organization of public space, people always find their own way of using it. Regardless of its intended or ‘pure’ purpose.

The exposition developed and designed by the Rotterdam design lab _notDef, creates a ‘narrative space’ where the still photos of sleeping people are submerged in beamed imagery, physical attributes and city soundscapes. This ‘narrative space’ allows the visitors to become emotionally bond to the theme. Inviting the visitors to perhaps even use the space as their own public bedroom.

The exhibition features works of Lino Hellings, Tatyana Zelenskaja, Shahidul Alam, Andrew Esiebo, Adolphus Opara, Tuoyo Omagba, Maurice Bogaert, Ines Correa.

The spacial arrangement was made possible. through the kind efforts and sponsorship of Gemeente Groningen and the Kringloopwinkel, De Verkoophal

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