April 21, 2013
Pastor Robbie Lankford

"What Would You Do If? Overcoming the Limits to an Extravagant, Faith-filled Life”

How often does fear keep us from doing what God has for our lives? Our current series of message is called “What Would You Do If?”, and we’re learning about the barriers that get in the way of us experiencing all that God has for us. Fear is one of the most common that we struggle with, so we’re going to turn to God’s Word today to see how we can have victory over one of the biggest challenges in our lives!

What Would You Do If … Fear Was Not a Factor
I Samuel 17: 1-53

#1. What kinds of things do we fear? – v. 1-7David & Goliath map
10 of our biggest fears…
#1. giants
#2. failure
#3. rejection
#4. disappointment
#5. physical danger
#6. the future/the unknown
#7. finances
#8. loss
#9. change
#10. trusting God
“Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s choosing to act in spite of your fear.”

#2. What does our fear do to us? – v. 8-11
I Samuel 9: 2
#1. puts us in bondage
#2. makes us cowards
#3. hurts our testimony for God
#4. causes us to miss out
#5. increases the pain in our lives
fear causes us to live shadows of the lives we were supposed to live

#3. What happens when we give our fears to God? - v. 12-53
#1. our expectations are not hindered by our circumstances
#2. we begin to minimize limitations
#3. we do things people normally don’t do
“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”. – William Carey
#4. we overcome many of our old fears
#5. we accomplish God’s purposes

2 big thoughts to help with your fears…
#1. all you really need to know
>do I know the Lord?
>am I doing what He wants me to do?
#2. the blessing of challenges

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