The Whittington Outpatient Pharmacy brief was introduced to us by The Design Council's 'Public Services by Design' programme, via our eventual project partners, Commonground.

What attracted TILT to the brief was The Whittington’s desire to employ a participatory design approach to redesigning the Pharmacy experience involving feedback, prototyping and iteration. While collaborative design is often cited as a goal in public sector design, rarely is it genuinely understood and pursued with such conviction as it was in this instance by the Head of the Pharmacy, Helen Taylor.

TILT’s design method focused on the space as the context for all the needed solutions. We tested and retested ideas, first in model form then in half scale and finally in full scale within the pharmacy itself.

The feedback from the project was overwhelmingly positive, providing key insights and learnings which directly impacted how the space is now been used as well as providing a design framework for future space expenditure.

Thanks to Sandra Ciampone for editing the video, and to Ytene for 'Goliaths of Style and Fashion' track.

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