"Memorized II" was presented at Big Night in Little Haiti as part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival on April 19, 2013.

In the interactive performance "Memorized," participants are invited to write their favorite line from a poem with chalk on a blackboard. Before writing, each participant erases the previous person's text from the board before replacing it with their own. A photograph is taken of each excerpt. These images become a slideshow and are uploaded to create a visual meta-poem online.

The physical form of the letters exist for only a short time, then remain only in memory. Chalk is inherently impermanent. It recalls the childhood experiences of writing what one knows on the blackboard in front of classmates, some of our earliest performances. With memorization becoming unnecessary amid the ease of digital recall, the rare words we commit to memory are perhaps more revealing. What personal memory has lost, the collective memory of the internet conjures upon command.

What is it that we still remember, what words are so cherished they remain part of us?

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