DeforestACTION Earthwatchers support the forests by monitoring and reporting on the habitat destruction from the sky with a specially created cloud application by Geodan. Participants from all over the world are able to ‘see’ forest processes and changes unfolding and discuss them in real time, and alert their friends via Facebook and Twitter. NGOs and schools from around the world have participated in the two successful pilots so far. This high-performance app is capable of receiving data from numerous data sources, including video and imagery captured by cameras aboard the International Space Station (later in 2014) and streamed by way of an interactive platform.

Environmental monitoring for early warning signs, combined with collaboration and social media, means DeforestACTION’s Earthwatchers is a game changer. This was recognized by Geodan being awarded the inaugural Copernicus Prize in 2011 by the European Space Agency. The success of the project in Borneo, which is shown in the movie, clearly shows other environmental groups how influential geospatial data can be.

About Earthwatchers 1.0

Requiring extensive data, the Earthwatchers application must consistently access terabytes of geo-information. Geodan develops high-performance tools used to access and report on this data – imagery that is used to monitor Borneo’s old-growth forests and the victimization of its endangered orangutan population.

To join the Earthwatchers beta test program and the next pilot, please visit -

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