Strong Theveethivarak - "You've got a friend"
Graduation collection

"You've got a friend" centers on the idea of Magic Realism, and how the worlds of fantasy and reality blend together. This idea is developed into a concept of an imaginary friend.

An imaginary friend is created in one’s fantasy. One develops his/her imaginary friend as a way to substitute the imperfection he/she might have with a perceived perfection. Through an imaginary friend, one is able to create a better image of oneself with a choice to keep this imaginary friend hidden internally, or one can choose to bring such "friend" into real life. 

This project chooses to introduce this secret friend to the public. The idea of an imaginary friend can be displayed through various ways. Clothing is the chosen media to communicate the idea. The story of the imaginary friend is told through forms, silhouettes, textures, colours, and functions.

This project aims to pinpoint the relationship between the wearer and his/her imaginary friend. With the uses of clothing, the narratives of this invented friendship is published throughout the collection. 

"You've got a friend" also takes functionality into considerations. The collection strives to be wearable and suitable to reality and the very real world.

Model - Jan Baiboon
Camera - Natthapon Vutthipetch
Make up - Belle Sooksawee
Assistant - Phenvipa Savigamin

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