Extraordinary Jenny Jones is an original interactive story about a little girl who sees the world through totally different eyes. What everyone else sees as round, Jenny Jones sees as square. And the other way round. It’s a heart-warming children’s tale with a universal theme about believing in yourself no matter how different you feel about things. Or see the world.

“Jenny's story leads children to an important cognitive developmental stage - the discovery of perspective. Children also learn an important moral message - that people will accept them for their alternative viewpoint and that they, in turn, should accept others who are different.” Dr. Neil Reddy (MB Mch BAO, msc, LFOM)

Get the Extraordinary Jenny Jones collection, including her “read aloud” ebook and discussion guide on the iBookstore:

...and her very own app with interactive games and hidden picture puzzles on the App Store:

Extraordinary Jenny Jones. Meet the original round peg in a square hole.

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