How do you make a music video if you have no budget, no crew and no previous experience? Here's how:

Red Song music video:

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WILDEBEEST works independently. No Record label has been involved in this adventure and everything is self-produced and self-published.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxVIDEO CREDITSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Red Song was written & performed by WILDEBEEST
Music by: Seva Grigoraki & Mariam Zakarian
Lyrics by: Mariam Zakarian

Music video written, directed and shot by: Peter Wiholm
Casting, styling, wardrobe, make-up and hair: Mariam Zakarian
Production, art direction and set design: Mariam Zakarian & Peter Wiholm
Editing: D'Arcy Hamilton
Post production: Mattias Alvarsson & Mariam Zakarian

Fight choreography: Mauro Silva
Director's assistant: Tommy Jansson
Production assistants: Henrik Betnér & Sebastian Melker

-W-: Mariam Zakarian
The Red Tribe: Mattias Alvarsson, Gabriella Dal Rooth, Tommy Jansson, Elsa Kvensler, Sebastian Melker & Linda Yin
The Green Tribe: Muzaffer Alta, Angeline Doss, Annika Qvarfordt, Jan-Erik Ryblom, Ailin Silva, Mauro Silva & Gökmen Tuna Becerik

Special Thanks: Loretta Seto & Margaretha Wiholm

WILDEBEEST music video for RED SONG
Created in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden

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