IAT 431 Speculative Design
Spring 2013
Shayne Wright, Addison Yang, Salar Davari
Starring Ally Baharoon

Project Efterliv, a design noir and reflective design piece.

Different cultures have varying ideas of what to do with their deceased’s remains. Some cultures believe in burial, with the body either being intact or cremated. Others cremate their deceased with the intention to displace the ashes in a memorable location, or to keep them in an urn in a household. These practices are very common in North America; however, there are places elsewhere in the world where these are not the norm. In Tibet, for example, it is common practice to place the body on a mountaintop in which wild animals and birds will feast upon. Regardless of how the remains are dealt with in any culture, the physical aspect of the deceased no longer resembles that of the person the family once knew. Suppose that the deceased wished to remain in his or his family’s home after passing? What if this was also the family’s wish for him? If all parties agreed to this, what would be the harm?

With Project Efterliv we propose that the deceased and the families of the deceased have the option to preserve the body if they so choose – that is to leave the body as is in the home. Given the opportunity, we feel that people will achieve a more realistic perspective on death and in turn will assist them in the grieving process.

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