This video was created in collaboration with Snask, a great Design&Branding studio based in Stockholm.
Sweden is a very pioneer country where people and social rights are taken very seriously.

The video is part of a whole awareness campaign started in April 2013 through the website and other social media platforms.

The aim is to point out few of the differences existing due to the youth discrimination where, for the same work, some people earn less money just for being young.
The "Icke-Frågan" stands for "the non-issue", an ironic approach to such a delicate topic where no one seems to notice the elephant in the room.

Watch it in HD and read along with the english translation below for a complete understanding.

"In Sweden, we don’t talk about discrimination against youth. And it isn’t hard to understand why it’s a non-issue.

It’s probably just a coincidence that 20- to 29-year olds earn 26% less than 30- to 54-year olds, and that the age wage gap is the widest in 40 years.

It's probably also just by accident that a 17-year old with work experience can do the same job as an inexperienced 18-year old, and according to collective agreements still receive 30% less pay.

The fact that many employers don’t even want to hire young people, despite low wages and halved payroll tax up to 26 years, is probably just a fluke too.

And it's probably a quirk that our Minister for Trade and Industry now wants to cut youth wages by another 25%,
although there’s no clear evidence that it’d provide more youth jobs.

In Sweden, the youth discrimination is a non-issue. Because absolutely nothing seem to support the fact that we would have an age power structure where young people just gets patted on the head.

And that it’s one of the reasons behind our high youth unemployment.
Or what’s your opinion?

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