427 Fire and Brimstone
SECTION 1: BEING ENTRUSTED WITH MUCH. Yehovah wants only the best for each and every one of His creations. He wants that creation to excel at doing the job He created them for. For this job of doing good He gives all of us the tools to do one thing…excel. It is unfortunate that most people in the world and sadly most people who say they are followers are not getting a passing grade at doing their jobs for HIM. Yehovah has entrusted us with the job of bringing biblical truth to all people. For many people instead of the truth that is plain in the bible they twist the truth and conform to the world ways instead. Because of this failure Yeshua says I have to judge each and every person on my standards. I have to put some on my left and some on my right. This question you need to truly ask yourself is “what did I do with my talent that Yeshua gave to me?” Did I use my talent properly for His good or did I give it the evil one?
SECTION 2: UNLESS YEHOVAH KEEPS WATCH. The only way to be truly safe and to have shalom is if you have four key things. Is your house is built on scripture from Genesis to the end of Revelation? Have your plans for your life been built on a solid foundation? Is the Messiah who is Biblically Kosher welcomed in your home? Have you been trained to be a true biblical watchman? Another lesson we will explore in this section is, are you a responsible person? Do you even know what true biblical responsibility is all about for the man, the woman and even the children?
SECTION 3: 4 TYPES ARE SPOKEN ABOUT, WHAT CATEGORY DO YOU FALL INTO? It is so sad that we cannot learn from the past. There will be fire and there will be brimstone for those who find themselves outside the gates of heaven. There are four types of people spoken of in the book or Revelation. We will see the terms used for these people. How that applied then and how it applies today. We will then take a detailed look at how these people are like four different types of seeds. Some of these seeds grow well and some do not. We will examine why that is. Yeshua will then ask each of us a very serious eternal question, who are you to Him? Are you really part of His Father’s family? The final part of this fire and brimstone section is this; “are your hands stained with blood”.
SECTION 4: THE SECOND MONTH. The second month to Yehovah when is it? How many nations throughout history have ever been dedicated to the God of Avraham? Only 2, Israel and America. For that reason too much is given, MUCH will be required, by the ONE who you were dedicated to. In this final section we will look at events that have happened in the second month of Yehovah’s calendar. We will discover this is a month filled with great upheaval, extreme change both for the good and for the bad. This second month has been used by Yehovah to see if you will be counted for His army.

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