Lever kit (#1) for the DJI Phantom Transmitter, including Steering Rod and 4 lever heads (the Wheel, the Scoop, the Spoon & the Shorty).

Avaiable on SHapeways.com : shapeways.com/model/1041193/dji-phantom-lever-kit-1.html?li=my-models

DJI broke the news at this years NAB, that the stock white DJI Phantom Transmitter, has a hidden channel on the back, that controls the sought after X1 manual tilt control for your gimbal or camera mount. They are releasing a gimbal in June, and with this gimbal, it is said that you will receive a small lever, that you mount into your stock transmitter.

The Shorty lever head, is approximately the same size as the ones DJI used on the transmitters on NAB. A quick search on YouTube for DJI and NAB 2013, show the gimbal and they explain the hidden 7th Channel.

The other three lever heads are upgraded levers, designed to suit different grips on the transmitter, and personal preferences on how to best operate your tilt control.

Check out my website for more mods and parts I make for my Phantom: simensays.com

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