Fred Colgan is the co-founder and Executive Director of Institutional Stove Solutions (InStove, a Cottage Grove-based non-profit which manufactures innovative cook stoves for people most in need in refugee camps, schools, orphanages, hospitals and clinics in the developing world. Over 500 InStove stoves are now in service in 18 countries around the world, mostly in Africa. Each stove serves from 3-500 people per day.

The core technology was designed for fuel economy, ease of operation, safety, portability, and reduction of emissions, and is unparalleled in performance. Allied technologies have been developed to deliver alternative fuel briquettes, hospital-grade autoclaves for sterilization, and a soon-to-be-released drinking water purification system.

Fred has been the driving force in establishing InStove’s reputation around the world, and he has traveled extensively to create the partnerships needed to serve the world’s most vulnerable people. He has been in a dozen refugee camps and visited eleven countries in the last year and a half, and is just back from Nigeria where InStove has started its first production partnership.

Fred retired from a career of homebuilding and returned to Oregon after a 20 year absence. He and his wife Lise (a Lewis and Clark graduate) own the property in Cottage Grove which is home to both InStove and Aprovecho Research Center.

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