Personal Prophecy vs Prophetic Counseling
What is the difference?

Personal Prophecy
A word of prophecy is where God tells you what He wants to say that deals with things that are to come.

Prophetic Counseling
Prophetic Counseling is where I take what you are wanting to know from God and find His will that you will heal and know what to do. Many times He delivers and restores our joy, health, finances and many other areas of need that we have.

You probably have heard the term “being lead by the Holy Spirit”. Many have used this term but very few have actually experienced it. When we find ourselves in trouble and cannot see a solution to the problem then it is time to call upon the Holy Spirit. Once we have totally let go of the problem, the Holy Spirit will begin taking you through the process of resolving your dilemma. This process is not easy mainly because it takes time and patience. Trying to help the Holy Spirit speed up the process only brings lengthy delays. Therefore, it helps to have a Prophetic Pastor who can interpret the signs knowing what the Holy Spirit wants you to do and NOT do in order to find God’s will.

Over the past twenty-one years, I have learned a lot about God’s thoughts and ways. Most of it does not make sense to the carnal mind. Have you ever heard the phrase “Stop your stinking thinking”? In order to find personal peace you will need to give your troubles over to the Holy Spirit. As long as we are thinking of ways to fix it, we are only getting in God’s way and hindering our blessing.
He who receives a prophet in the name of the Prophet, Jesus, shall receive a prophet’s reward.
Matthew 10:41b

If you are still worrying about the problem then you have not truly given it over to God. This too is part of what Prophetic Counseling can do for you. When stress and anxiety start bomb barding your thoughts, I will be here to take your call or email. We will seek God and learn of His plan for salvation for your situation. He will never leave us or forsake us and that includes YOU!

In HIS service,

Kent Simpson,
Prophetic Pastor

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