Unlike Us #3 - Social Media: Design or Decline
Session 5: Facebook Riot

Simona Levi (ES): TACTICS 2.0: Learn in the Net, Act Everywhere
Conference Day #2 (23 March 2013)

Some practical notes about the type of struggle that has been constructed over the past few years in Spain. The previous struggle—for the defence of the internet and sharing—has been crucial for arriving at the #15M movement. Firstly for the maturity it has created, which cuts right across all layers of public opinion, both in terms of defending something that belongs to it and is in danger of being snatched away—the neutral internet—and secondly in terms of ethical ways of relating to others. Now, thanks to those skills we have learned on the net, we are evolving to a highly effective way of fighting back and to constructively hacking the system. Simona Levi will show some examples to explain why something new is really happening.

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