An interactive piece done at the Kapitaal, Utrecht. An abstracted interpretation of Michelangelo's David.
The audience could control the amount of polygons the video mapping was made of. They had the option to push two buttons. One to create less polygons and one to create more polygons.

It's an attempt to merge both physical and digital worlds, showing how this is both possible and not possible.
We have used an exact digital model of Michelangelo's david. Reduced half his polygons, and rebuild him with less polygons.
At this point the polygons of the digital copy completely match surface of the physical sculpture. The viewer can decide the accuracy of the match by reducting or increasing the polygons.

The reason we chose Michelangelo's David is because of his status, there is something holy about it. You can't really change anything about it, neither are you allowed to touch it, even though there might be idea's to change it or extensions to be thought of. Reducing the digital copy of the David shows the clash with the physical and tangible.

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