This is one of five segments I recently produced for the Poughkeepsie, NY-based construction company Kirchoff-Consigli. The entire program focused on the theme of leadership and we interviewed 3 groups of employees, each representing a different age group and stage in their career.

I shoot a lot of interview based material, but they are almost always single person interviews. I was a little weary of doing these group interviews, but in the end I was very happy with how these came out. The interactions within the group created a very different feel than had we interviewed each of them separately. I enjoyed the challenge of staging and lighting for each setup. This one we shot at Bard College in a building that Kirchoff-Consigli just completed.

We shot the material on 3 cameras (Sony F3, Sony FS700 and Canon 5DMk3). Each person was miked separately and we had each operator responsible for 2 channels of audio.

Producer/DP: Benjamin Eckstein
Co-Producer: Lindsay Felling
Camera B: Michael Flanagan
Camera C: Christopher Duff
Audio Mix: Neale Eckstein

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