Northwest Missouri FCA staff, Trevor Nashleanas, teaches Northwest Missouri area athletes the Biblical Pattern of Ministry at EXCELeration on Tuesday April 23, 2013. This was the last message in the "Disciple" series "being God's representative to your team." Follow EXCELeration on Twitter:

Discussion Questions:

1. What stood out to you most about the pattern of ministry and why?

2. This pattern of ministry is seen time and again all throughout Scripture. Does this comfort or disturb you? Explain.

3. The biblical pattern of ministry reveals that ministry rarely happens as smooth as we would like it to. It demonstrates that making disciples of Jesus is a messy, difficult and ongoing process. How does this affect your attitude toward reaching your teammates for Jesus? How does this affect your willingness to start or continue an Impact Program on your team?

4. In general, there are 5 aspects of the pattern of biblical ministry: 1) Finding in Roads 2) Gospel Proclamation 3) Opposition/Resistance 4) Fruitfulness 5) Multiplication. Which of these aspects occurs most naturally in your context? Which of these aspects will be most difficult for you to experience? How will you keep going when you experience setbacks?

5. An Impact Program will only be effective when its leaders are willing to persist through all 5 aspects of the pattern of ministry. How does understanding this pattern help you to start or continue an Impact Program on your team? How does it help you persist in making disciples of Jesus?

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