We have been very busy lately chasing world champion free runner Ryan Doyle through some of the most narrow streets of Baku in Azerbaijan.

Revoflite crew have been invited by director Daghan Celayir and producer Case Productions to help create this unique video clip.

Baku is known as City of Contrasts. Ryan decided to use that and create together with the production crew a special unique video, which would be a contrast to all other parkour videos -- something quite surreal with different feel and different look.

Visit revoflite.com/ for more information.

Director: Dağhan Celayir
Scriptwriter: Dağhan Celayir
D.o.p: Engin Özkaya
1st AD: Noyan Babataşı
Editor: Erhan Acar / Sivil Editörler
Sound Design: Burak Topalakci / Zound Ist
Music: FFW
D.I.T: Yusuf Arık / Dijitalist
Colorist: Jasper Taylor / Sinefekt
Camera Assist: Olcay Akdamar
Steady-Cam: Cenk Tatarer
2nd Unit Camera: Evre Ergün
Heli-cam: Tomasz & Renata Patan / Revoflite
Producer: Selim Kemahlı
Production Managers: Erhan Teke, Volkan Özer
Production Co: C.A.S.E Productions
Client: Red Bull

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