Dear Internet,

What motivates someone to upload a video of themselves to a world full of strangers on YouTube? Is it the advertising money that comes with having subscribers? Could it be true that talking to a webcam is an escape from a lonely reality for the socially awkward? Or am I overthinking this and broadcasting what you ate for lunch to the rest of the world truly is the future of human interaction? I wanted to make a short film with these dramatic questions in mind.

Understanding French filmmaker Jean Rouch’s idea of the camera serving as both a mirror and a window to the outside was a huge eye-opener for me when I started writing Webbed. I began to see the process of video blogging as a reflexive therapy for all new media-age characters and discovered that the heart of my story was in visually exploring (in the style of Natalie Bookchin) the tragedy and comedy of making videos for the world to see, but that nobody actually watches.

I hope Webbed entertains — but also changes — the way audiences imagine the modern video blogger: an underviewed subculture of our media.

Director · Zack Windheim

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