The Arizona State University Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD), considers American Democracy to be a living, breathing, ever-evolving organism, forged and innovated by diverse individuals who form a single, dynamic body. We believe that any highly functional relationship is built upon communication and understanding. American’s relationship with Democracy is often fractured because of a lack of awareness, born of poor communication and access. We at the CSRD, therefore, decided to enter into conversation with Democracy, through dialogue with Sly Stone’s “Everyday People.” We asked a diverse group of citizens to answer two questions: 1) if Democracy was a person, and you could ask it any question, what would that question be?; and 2) How would you answer your own question? The word “democracy” is one of the most recognized, despised, venerated, and misunderstood terms in the English language. Uttered often by average folk, political agents, and business leaders alike, its promise, however, has yet to be fully realized, because it is routinely distorted, misjudged, and exploited. In order for American democracy to flourish and expand, its origins, evolution, and potential, must be understood and explained in an accessible and solutions-based manner. Advancement begins with questions and conversation. Let the dialogue with Democracy begin.

Directed by The Center for the Study of Race and Democracy
Videographer: Cydney McFarland
Editor: Cydney McFarland
Music: "The Time to Run (Finale)" by Dexter Britain (found on Creative Commons Volume. 5)

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