Director's Note:

So the Mild Wild West was an attempt to make a comedy film that wasn't just guys and girl relationshippy stuff. I think the interplay between me and Andy (Jez aka Evapo) was pretty good for a first time out - I hope to work with him again - top bloke. Sarah (Suzanne) was also lovely to work with - especially considering we cast her the night before(!)

Was a fun shoot - interesting challenge in that Suzanne wasn't available til a few hours in - so we had to film all the closes on me and Andy first - then the wides, then her closes afterwards. Not ideal - but thanks to the magic of editing no-one has noticed yet (not that they've told me about anyway...)

Richard: Oliver Purches
Suzanne: Sarah Bennett
Jez aka 'Evapo': Andy McGillan

Written, Directed, Edited by Oliver Purches
Co-Directed / Edited by Noomi Spook
DoP: Ross McKenzie
Sound Recordist: Alex Hudd AMPS
Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer: Jamie Ward
Music: Colin McGinness
Production Assistants: Jay Hilburn, Cristina Mateos

Thanks to: Weapon of Choice, Paintworks, Boca Bar, Nik Howden, Natalie Corfield

This film was made for the 0117 Film Challenge 2013. Team: Oliver's Army

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