Warning, some mild CG Nudity.

Please excuse the frame rate, it actually runs at 60fps but my video capture playback is REALLY choppy!

*These are VERY early prototype tests. Flat shaded. You can see in my other video demonstrations vimeo.com/61550389 of real-time shading that I have planned.

IR received some Oculus Rift development kits (oculusvr.com/) a few days back. I've been testing out the Unreal Development Kit (unrealengine.com/udk/) by loading in some 3D Scans taken with IR's proprietary full-body scanning system.

The system uses 115x DSLR cameras to capture 360 degrees in high resolution colour and Agisoft Photoscan PRO agisoft.ru/products/photoscan to process.

Combined with the Oculus VR development kit, it's quite an interesting experience. I predict creating art and sculptures in VR will transform the CG medium, thus improving artists skill sets.

If you have a Rift kit you should be able to view the above video in 3D!!

The scans in the video are RAW *untouched* so there are many artifacts, I was just too excited not to load them in. Roughly about 30x 100k polygon scans, each running 8192x8192 .tga textures. I hope to post process some scans soon, with proper shaders and lighting.

If you have the time to comment, thanks! and please be respectful to the model Joceline Brooke-Hamilton who is featured in the video. She is an incredible international adult model and dancer.

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