Farang: A generic Thai term for Westerners

This past Christmas I had the pleasure of vacationing in Thailand for a few weeks. It was my first time in SE Asia and the beautiful scenery and people blew me away.

I put this clip together from footage I managed to grab in between Singhas on my trusty little pocket camera (the Sony rx100). I wanted the vacation to be as relaxing as possible so I left the 5D, tripod and interchangeable lenses at home.

If you're inspired to visit yourself, here's the path we took:

Bangkok - Sofitel & Lebua State Tower
Khao Sok National Park - Our Jungle House Treehouses
Cheow Laan Lake - Floating Raft Houses
Koh Lanta - Long Beach Chalet
Koh Lipe - Castaways & Lipe Mountain Resort
Koh Phi Phi - Viking Nature Resort
Chiang Mai - 3 Sis

Camera: Handheld Sony x100
Underwater Housing: Glorified Plastic Bag
Edit & Color: Premiere
Song: Erol Alkin remix of 'Forever Dolphin Love' by Connan Moccasin

One of my favorite moments was when the power grid went down in Khao Sok National Park. We were at an outdoor Rastafarian bar in the middle of the jungle when the lights went out. A number of Thais and Europeans gathered around the fire and we passed around a bottle of Johnnie Walker and smoked cigars. A local fisherman was smoking fresh catfish over the fire and shared his catch with us. He wouldn't accept any cash, even though he must have made no more than a few dollars a day (a random act of kindness I got used to over there). We ate the fish jungle style (with your fingers off a stick) before we walked a mile home to our treehouse though the complete darkness of the jungle. It was one of many surreal experiences I'll never forget.

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