Biji Kopi Indonesia is a metaphor to show the diversity of Indonesia. Starting from a cup of thoughts from Indonesian origin, Biji Kopi Indonesia is an effort to unravel the narrative journey of Indonesian coffee.
From a cup of coffee we can see a closeness tradition, history, cultural diversity and even the identity of a nation.
Enjoying a cup of Indonesian coffee is like smell of Indonesian originate. This is the scent of our homeland, this is the result of sweat and hard work of our nation, so let’s we drink, let’s we appreciate.
And the aroma of Indonesian coffee is a memory that stored in our thoughts, ‘Aroma of Heaven’.

Credits :
Executive Producer : Shelvy Arifin
Producers : Papang Lakey, Nicholas Yudifar
Associate Producer : Elvi Kusumaningtyas
Director : Budi Kurniawan
Cinematographer : Batara Goempar Siagian, Ridho Darussalam
Art Director : Alvin Attasrif
Motion Graphic : Aswan Tatra
Music Composer : Yennu Ariendra
Sound Designer : Indra Notowidigdo
Additional Cinematographer : Dodon Ramadhan, Nicholas Yudifar, Budi Kurniawan
Asst. Cinematographer : Jogie Nadeak, Tezar Samara

Appearance : Pujo Semedi Yuwono, Tuti Mochtar, Ronald Prasanto, Thamar Beckx, Surip Mawardi.

Produksi Film Negara & Bud Film in associate with Film Traffic Production & GoodNews Film.

Official trailer video also available on Youtube :

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