an experiment on a new danish scene

a film by vincent moon
produced by rasmus stolberg and slaraffenland, tigerspring and rumraket
sounds by petter samuelsson

Temporary Copenhagen is the first experiment/instalment in a new serie documenting local creative scenes around the world, part of the bigger Temporary Areas project created by Vincent Moon. Over a few hours or a few days, bringing local makers to one space, and creating an improvised piece, a unique recording, documenting their own space and society with a collaborative and experimental piece. Plus offering diverse elements on the works of those local and often unknown creators.

This is a 30min piece we created on the spot. 9 local bands, only 3 i knew, 2 hours to organise something before the audience arrives, and the objective to create a unique sound piece, a collaborative concert which would be moving in an intimate space. Only one take, no cuts, loads of tension, maybe an interesting talk between cinema and music where each one feeds the other one. And a certain idea of a document on a city and its creative life.

In this long audio piece, you can see:

* Slaraffenland opening with 'Falling Out'
* Efterklang following with Mirror Mirror'
* Sad Lovers performing 'Bring in the Light'
* Thulebasen slowly entering with 'Extract'
* Valby Vokalgruppe ritualising ' ... '
* Chimes and Bells exchanging 'You shall not pass'
* Murder bringing 'Providence' to life
* Jong Pang exciting his 'New Order'
* Choir of Young Believers ending with 'Yamagata'

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