The project and film ‘Freedom to speak up' is about joint development of a sound production for the local radio on women's rights in the current social and political life in and around Guamote, Ecuador. Partners was The Womens Group in Guamote.

The recordings included readings of the rights which was decided in the local council and role-playing. The documentary 'Freedom to Speak up’ show preparations and recordings. Under intense astonishment formal character of the rights María Carmen Moyolema Guachilema and her women's group rehearse the most powerful reading. The radioprogramme became a part of the womens educational workshops during spring -12. The video was edited almost instantly in Ecuado, it was screened toghether with The Womans Group and copied on the spot.

Duration: 7 min. 20 sec.

Promoters of 'Freedom to speak up' are The women’s group in Guamote, Ecuador and:

Neighbourhood Remarks
Focus Grete Aagaard's artistic practice is aesthetic, interdisciplinary and collaborative related projects, where she seeks to integrate its work in the current social and political life. See:

Visual Remarks
Lars Henning's documentary projects deal with themes such as identity, relationships, memory and visuality.
Filmproducer for Lars Henningsen is KKArt

The women’s group in Guamote realizes workshops for women in the surrounding villages. The intention is to train women in leadership roles, to promote knowledge about rights and to establish local networks. María Carmen Moyolema Guachilema is the initiator. She is a councilor in Guamote municipality.

Maria Carmen says:
"... we are concerned that all women know their rights or the basic skills needed to assume the role of authority. We are here today, but tomorrow there will be new women, and therefore we need to prepare women in basic skills so that they can exercise public functions and management tasks ... "

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