Whether the issue is energy use and hybrids, management of trash in your home, home design, or water reservoirs for communities, a new television show airing on Time Warner Cable provides compelling stories of individuals who have applied an environmentally sound concept in their lives to good effect.

“Sustainability,” is a word which has found increasing use in the environmental movement, and means an environmentally sound living practice which can be sustained for a length time on the planet without destroying life or ecosystems.

Barry Benjamin, Creator and Executive Producer of the show, said, “This show idea was really just an extension of my working with people on being sustainable and going green.”

Said Benjamin, “From the perspective of population, or energy, or space, the carrying capacity on earth is reaching a maximum. Many scientists now believe the earth will soon be unable to support the number of people we have, if living practices do not alter. It’s about leaving a world in which our children and their children can thrive in.”

Benjamin plays a role in several environmental organizations nationwide, led international efforts to develop green practices in the hotel industry, and won awards for his book, Isles of Eden, which recorded for posterity the lives of former slave families and the indigenous population of the Bahamian Islands.

Said Todd V., Director of the show, “We utilize three ongoing characters in the show. Barry opens and closes each show, and guides interview choices, with roving reporters.

Our Pro/Con portion is a lot of fun where David Kettlewell and I fight it out Siskel & Ebert style with Dave taking the doubting Thomas role, while I’m the do-gooder and supporter of green ideas. I think I’m right most of the time.”

Said Kettlewell, “The naysayer is a good role for me because I’m naturally grumpy, and a curmudgeon.” The shows editor and director of photography is Blue Green, who said, “this is a fun and fast paced show and a real challenge for me as editor, I’m learning more about Green ideas with every show.”

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