Created by Amazing Horse Production - Aga Banach, Andrew Polanski, Todor Rusanov and Magdalena Wozniak


We are presenting the problems of alienation, confusion and mental issues. Our main character is a person who is very sensitive, fragile and in the same time imaginative and creative. We are reflecting on the problem of people that had lost their connection with the real world and struggle to get back. By that we illustrate general concept of all of us have different perception of the world. It depends on the audience how the message is received. The theme of our video can be related to many common issues of the human being.

A Painter with mental issues, embracing his madness. He got messy hair, hasn't shave for a while, got violet rings around eyes. Not aware of what is going around him, he is not caring for his house and anything else; he is focused on his work only. While he is starting to paint he begins a journey into world of his mad visions. He is wearing t-shirt, stained jeans or tracksuit, something that is comfortable around house. He's got handprints on his body/clothes showing that he was touched by something.

The man with the mask: Silent, static character, wearing a mask and draped long black tunic with short sleeves. Palms and forearms covered in paint.

The song "A drowning" we have selected was recorded in 2010 by "How to Destroy Angels" and written by Trent Reznor. This piece belongs to alternative, industrial and experimental music genre. It is licenced under the creative commons licence. The music is quite dreamy, soft and mysterious with repetitive background industrial rhythm combined with single appearing instruments and melodic female vocal. The lyrics that describes situation of an alienated person can be interpreted in many ways, but we have decided to choose dreamy feel of the song and to build a plot of music video upon it. This atmospheric compilation of music gave us a lot of potential plots scenarios to integrate within our final production.

To contrast the female voice of the performer we decided to make out main character male. He is a painter who lives alone and alienate from the society. He lives in a disorder because he no longer cares about the reality. The introverted artist goes too deep into his subconscious and develops the whole new reality. His new world is full of disturbing visions and he is no longer able to control it. He seems to embrace his madness. There is mysterious masked character who accompanies our main character in his journey. To sustain the mood of unknown we tried to avoid making this character positive or negative.


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